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Club Dread (2004)

Coconut Pete is the ultimate fun-loving musician. Having made several successful albums over the decades, he now runs Pleasure Island-- the hedonistic island resort that personifies his songs. Helping him run it is a group of party-loving counselors that include fitness instructor Jenny, massage magician Lars, and diving instructor Carlos. We soon learn that murderous … Continue reading Club Dread (2004)

cloverfield manhattan dv tape statue of liberty head

Cloverfield (2008)

April 27: Rob and Beth wake up in Beth's father's apartment overlooking Central Park. They take the day off and to go to Coney Island. May 22, evening: Lily and Jason prepare and throw a "Going Away" surprise party for Rob in his lower Manhattan apartment. Hud is in charge of recording testimonials and the party vibe … Continue reading Cloverfield (2008)