prestige lightning magic trick illusion angier borden tesla

The Prestige (2006)

The Pledge - the magician shows you something ordinary The Turn - the magician takes that ordinary something, and makes it do something extraordinary The Prestige - That extraordinary act is performed again, but a step higher Alfred Borden is placed in prison for the murder of Robert Angier. He's given Angier's journal as some … Continue reading The Prestige (2006)

American Tail statue liberty island mouse fievel mouskowitz

An American Tail (1986)

The year is 1885. An impoverished mouse family is accosted by the Cossacks and Catsacks which leaves their home burned to the ground. Somehow they travel 2,000 km from Shostka, Ukraine Russia to Hamburg, Germany to board a ship bound for America. We are almost treated to Fievel's horrific death due to a complete disregard … Continue reading An American Tail (1986)

project x Cessna O-2B flying land water trees aerial view

Project X (1987)

A young chimpanzee, Virgil, is abducted from his native habitat and brought to Wisconsin to learn sign language. After a year, he's abducted once again and brought to the Experimental Pilot Performance Project at Lockridge Air Force Base to learn how to fly planes. At Lockridge, Virgil meets wiseguy Ferris Bueller Jimmy Garrett, a young … Continue reading Project X (1987)

Deep impact mountain tsunami wave comet explosion space meteors streak flood

Deep Impact (1998)

A story told from three personal perspectives: whiz-kid Leo Biederman discovers a comet, rising television-news star Jenny Lerner breaks the story of the comet, and astronaut Spurgeon Tanner attempts to destroy the comet. None of the characters are particularly interesting or do anything otherwise remarkable, but we follow them through this story nonetheless. -- While out … Continue reading Deep Impact (1998)

frailty rose garden gods hand killer

Frailty (2002)

During the introduction credits, we are treated to several newspaper clippings detailing the exploits of the infamous "God's Hand Killer." Shortly after, a man identifying himself as Fenton Meiks explains to the lead investigator of the case, FBI agent Wesley Doyle, that he can lay out in full detail the rise of this serial killer. … Continue reading Frailty (2002)