robocop 3 splatterpunks splatter punks logo graffiti ocp omni consumer products jolly roger skull crossbones

Robocop 3 (1993)

Omni Consumer Products is so very close to owning Detroit and creating their corporate municipality: Delta City. This time, it isn't ruthless drug dealers or psychotic drug-dealer-turned-cyborgs that stand in its way; it's poor, homeless people. When Robocop learns the militant rebels he's ordered to exterminate are just a bunch of broke scrubs, he refuses … Continue reading Robocop 3 (1993)

robocop 2 cain nuke drug robot artificial intelligence crime lord

Robocop 2 (1990)

The police are still striking. Crime rates and drug use are at an all time high. Detroit is crumbling. Luckily, the unstoppable Terminator Robocop and plucky sidekick Anne Lewis are working hard to clean up the streets. After raiding a Nuke production facility and failing to capture the ringleader, Cain, Robocop beats Cain's-secret-hideout location out … Continue reading Robocop 2 (1990)

Tommy Boy Chris Farley field road trip car baby gate suit smile adventure callahan auto parts

Tommy Boy (1995)

Recent college-grad Tommy Callahan moves back to his hometown expecting to work at his father's car parts factory. On Tommy's first day back, Big Tom reveals his engagement to a woman way out of his league-- and the wedding is tomorrow! During a dance-off at the wedding, Big Tom has an infarction and dies. This … Continue reading Tommy Boy (1995)

blank check one million dollars preston waters carl quigley hillsdale indiana august 1993

Blank Check (1994)

The year is 1993. On a dark and stormy night twelve miles outside Hillsdale, an escaped inmate and master welder retrieves a cash-filled suitcase buried in a building. Over the next couple days, we get to watch eternal dweeb Preston Waters bumble through a series of interactions with complete social ineptitude coupled with impeccable timing. … Continue reading Blank Check (1994)

Deep impact mountain tsunami wave comet explosion space meteors streak flood

Deep Impact (1998)

A story told from three personal perspectives: whiz-kid Leo Biederman discovers a comet, rising television-news star Jenny Lerner breaks the story of the comet, and astronaut Spurgeon Tanner attempts to destroy the comet. None of the characters are particularly interesting or do anything otherwise remarkable, but we follow them through this story nonetheless. -- While out … Continue reading Deep Impact (1998)