prestige lightning magic trick illusion angier borden tesla

The Prestige (2006)

  1. The Pledge – the magician shows you something ordinary
  2. The Turn – the magician takes that ordinary something, and makes it do something extraordinary
  3. The Prestige – That extraordinary act is performed again, but a step higher

Alfred Borden is placed in prison for the murder of Robert Angier. He’s given Angier’s journal as some light reading material.

Through this journal, Angier’s details the search for a master electrician in Colorado Springs (using Borden’s journal). While waiting there, we learn of the death of his wife and ensuing rivalry between himself and Borden.

Through this rivalry, we see normal magic tricks illusions performed with sleight of hand and contraptions. These are turned on their head and appear extraordinary when Borden performs The Transported Man act.

Angier attempts to copy it using a body-double, but the trick doesn’t work out quite the same. Borden relishes in his superior (albeit less showman-y) trick while also earning the love of Angier’s stagehand/mistress, Olivia Wenscombe. She double-crosses Angier by providing him with Borden’s fake diary.

We end Act II, The Turn, when we learn Angier has tricked Borden and somehow framed him for Angier’s death.


We find ourselves just before The Great Danton’s final performances. Angier is securing a venue. Borden is finding the pieces of his life fall through his hands.

Angiers was actually Lord Caldlow the whole time?

No. Lord Caldlow is a new identity taken up by Angiers because Borden is in jail for murdering “Angiers”.

Borden was actually two twins?

Yup. That’s why Sarah says “I know what you are!” She knew Borden/Fallon were twins and was going to tell Olivia.

Angiers was cloning himself?

It would appear so. Even then, there’s no way to tell who was the one going in the box.

So Tesla had no idea the machine was possible until he built it?

Kind of like the inventor of a time machine going back in time to give himself the schematics for a time machine.

Any other questions? Leave them below.



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