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Robocop 3 (1993)

Omni Consumer Products is so very close to owning Detroit and creating their corporate municipality: Delta City. This time, it isn’t ruthless drug dealers or psychotic drug-dealer-turned-cyborgs that stand in its way; it’s poor, homeless people.

When Robocop learns the militant rebels he’s ordered to exterminate are just a bunch of broke scrubs, he refuses to comply. This leads to a stand-off where he is critically damaged and his long-time partner, full-time buddy Anne Lewis is shot up. With her dying breath, she tells Robocop to exact revenge and kill ’em all!

The rebels take him and patch him up. Luckily, the aptly named Dr. Lazarus defects from the Detroit PD to work with the rebels. Why is that lucky? Because she is the designer of the prototype Robocop jetpack module that the rebels conveniently heisted from OCP some months back.

The shock of Act II happens with Robocop raiding a sex-hotel to kill Paul McDaggett, the man who ordered Lewis’ death. There he finds McDaggett in a room with the leader of the rebels, Coontz. After a short chase, Robocop loses McDaggett’s trail. The rebel base is raided and, with no fortifications or planned escape, everyone is killed or captured.

Act II ends with all of the Detroit PD quitting after they are ordered to raid the squatters.


The little hacker girl, Nikko, is wandering crawling around the ducts of OCP headquarters. OCP has hired the Splatterpunks to clean out

Hang on. At the end of Act II, Robocop repeatedly shoots a gun and it levitates. Is that possible?

No. Just… no.

Why does Robocop flap his arms when he is investigating the blown out rebel headquarters?

Why does Robocop have any of the weird movements he has in this film? Probably because it’s an old suit made for a shorter actor and it was painful to wear.

Why do those Japanese robots just toy with Robocop when we know their swords can cut through him like paper?

Why do these robots exist in this movie at all? Director Fred Dekker said they ran out of budget to hire fight coordinators yet they kept these fights in.

How was Nikko able to hack those samurai robots?

Her laptop. It has Braintooth 6.0 with enhanced hacker firmware, an overclocked CPU, and a boosted GPU that allows for several hundred on-screen colors.

What is going on with the US federal government?

The same level of economic collapse as Detroit city. These movies are actually prequels to Escape from New York and Escape from LA.

Leave your other questions about this trilogy, and franchise, ending movie below.



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