robocop 2 cain nuke drug robot artificial intelligence crime lord

Robocop 2 (1990)

The police are still striking. Crime rates and drug use are at an all time high. Detroit is crumbling.

Luckily, the unstoppable Terminator Robocop and plucky sidekick Anne Lewis are working hard to clean up the streets.

After raiding a Nuke production facility and failing to capture the ringleader, Cain, Robocop beats Cain’s-secret-hideout location out of a dirty cop. He heads there and loses his head. And arms. And legs.

OCP agrees to rebuild him, but adds several hundred new protocols for him to follow. These protocols make him less than ideal. As a result, Robocop electrocutes himself in order to self-terminate reboot his system.

With the help of the striking police officers, Robocop raids Cain’s drug truck and critically injures him.

Meanwhile, OCP has been working in the background to capitalize on Detroit’s bankruptcy. After several failed Robocop 2 models using police brains, they decide to kill Cain and place his brain inside a Robocop 2. They send this new Robocop 2 to destroy the rest of Cain’s former drug ring and it nearly kills the mayor of Detroit in the process.

Act II ends with Robocop finding the bloodbath aftermath.


OCP is holding a press conference to announce their takeover of Detroit city.

What was preventing Dr. Faxx from shutting down Robocop 2?

She forgot to add a kill switch.

Why was Robocop 2 carrying live rounds to the press conference?

There’s no way any of the press would have believed Robocop 2 worked if OCP didn’t fire off a couple test rounds into the crowd.

Could this look bad for OCP?

Nah. Detroit is in pretty bad shape. OCP is just trying to help clean it up. So what if every so often one of their robo-creations goes rogue and starts mass killing civilians and police?

Why does Robocop 2 continue to function after its brain stem is removed?

It was operating through a Braintooth 5.0 connection.

“We’re only human”? So he thinks he’s people?

Haha. That Robocop. What’ll he think of next?

Leave any other questions about Robocop 2 below!



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