robocop street detroit gun tile cyborg machine man artificial intelligence

Robocop (1987)

In the not-too-distant future, Detroit is bankrupt, leading to underfunded police forces and rampant crime. Promising to help with the problem, corporations like Omni Consumer Products try to help however they can.

During an OCP board meeting, a prototype law enforcement automaton, ED-209, fails to perform properly and kills a board member. As a last ditch effort, one of the creators of ED-209 pitches turning a human law enforcer into a cyborg. The CEO agrees to a timeline of 90 days.

Later that day, Officer Alex J. Murphy, just transferred from the Metro South district to the more violent Metro West, is brutally dismembered and murdered in a gang hideout. Murphy’s body is recovered and turned into the Robocop law enforcement cyborg.

Following a string of successful arrests, Robocop remembers some things and goes rogue to hunt down the folks that dismembered him. Meanwhile, Robocop’s pitch-man is blown to smithereens by a rival coworker.

We end Act II with Robocop discovering the identity of his manufacturer which results in a fight with ED-209. Following the fight, the Detroit PD decides to shoot Robocop to shreds rather than shut down his OS.


Murphy and partner Anne Lewis head to a safe-house. Detroit heads to ruin as the police force prepares to strike.

What kind of rounds does that Cobra Assault Cannon shoot?

ED-209 Buster rounds. They penetrate armor-plating and explode just after impact.

What prompts Clarence and his crew to move out?

We see Clarence check a rudimentary GPS device that tracks Robocop. Why does he check it at that moment and decide right then is the time to move out when it is presumably always tracking Robocop? He got a text alert that Robocop woke up from his maintenance nap and was ready to rumble.

Robocop’s targeting system has malfunctioned, so he decides to correct it by shooting in the direction of the sleeping lady?

He has an augmented physique, not an augmented intelligence.

So that toxic waste is…?

Insta-melt 6000. It’s designed to liquefy anything and everyone near-instantly. Sometimes it takes a catalyst to get going, like being struck by a car.

Why? Why was he programmed to feel pain?

Some questions have no answers.

Cool. So he remembers his name. What about the police strike and the safety of Detroit?

None of that matters when you see that cool gun spin!

Leave your other questions about Robocop in the comment section below.



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