Club Dread coconut pete captain hat smile portrait sand beach happy bill paxton

Club Dread (2004)

Coconut Pete is the ultimate fun-loving musician. Having made several successful albums over the decades, he now runs Pleasure Island– the hedonistic island resort that personifies his songs.

Helping him run it is a group of party-loving counselors that include fitness instructor Jenny, massage magician Lars, and diving instructor Carlos. We soon learn that murderous motives abound on Pleasure Island. We also see several counselors meet bizarre and gruesome deaths at the hands of a mysterious hooded figure.

When trying to get help, the surviving group of counselors discover the boats and telephones lines have been sabotaged. And they discover the killer has been leaving them clues by using Coconut Pete’s own songs. While the group struggles to solve the mystery and keep it together, they begin to suspect each other. Some are murdered, and even Coconut Pete dies!

The counselors decide to warn the guests, but no one believes them until the bodies show up at the island club. In the panic, they see Fun Police Steve seemingly murdered in the mud baths.


Surprise! Steve wasn’t dead at all, he’s actually the mysterious murderer! He pursues the remaining counselors: Jenny, Lars, Carlos and Carlo’s love, Peen-a-lope.

Wait, why did Carlos split in two when he climbed onto the boat?

The killer dove in behind him and slashed him underwater.

Why did Fun Police Steve split in two when he fell off the dock?

Because Jenny and Lars used the boat and some rope to squeeze him in half.

Why do Jenny, Lars, and Peen-a-lope just boat off into the sunset?

We can only hope they are zipping off to get the authorities and didn’t forget about the terrified guests and numerous dead bodies.

If you have any other questions about Club Dread, leave them below.



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