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Tommy Boy (1995)

Recent college-grad Tommy Callahan moves back to his hometown expecting to work at his father’s car parts factory. On Tommy’s first day back, Big Tom reveals his engagement to a woman way out of his league– and the wedding is tomorrow!

During a dance-off at the wedding, Big Tom has an infarction and dies. This puts a loan the factory was going to get into jeopardy. Tommy puts all his inherited assets up for collateral to buy time so he can drive around the midwest to set up new contracts. Right-hand Richard agrees to go with him.

After a couple weeks on the road with failure after failure, Tommy finally finds his salesman groove and seals a sale. Meanwhile, we learn widow Beverly and her alleged son (but probably lover), Paul, were bamboozling Big Tom from the beginning and are colluding to sell Callahan Auto Parts.

We peak in Act II when Tommy discovers Ray Zalinsky, the largest auto parts dealer in the mid-west, is going to buy out Callahan Auto Parts and shut down the factory.


Tommy and Richard head to Chicago to confront Zalinsky.

Did they just leave a car in the white zone? And then try to buy tickets to Chicago at the gate? And then sneak onto the plane ?

Yeah, pre-9/11 airports and airport security are definitely different.

Did he just make a bomb threat to blow up a building in downtown Chicago and people were only mildly upset when it turned out to be untrue?

Yeah, about that…

It’s a good thing the profit-motivated nature of some large corporations was brought to light so things have changed in the 22 years since this movie came out.

Yeah, about that…

If you have any other questions that aren’t related to the physics of Paul accelerating perpendicular to his current velocity when the car stops and he launches sideways and lands in the seat-tester, please leave them below!




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