Pineapple Express item 9 illegal us general black white monochrome telephone high contrast

Pineapple Express (2008)

We start in 1937, where we witness history being made as, in a secret US Military underground bunker, Item 9 pot is declared illegal.

Enter our modern day hero, Dale. Dale is a lazy, pot-loving process server. While on the job process serving, Dale is witness to a homicide. Lucky for him, the guilty are a drug kingpin and a crooked cop.

Dale flees, and finds himself back in the apartment of his drug dealer Saul. The two, having bonded a little earlier that day, have a mutual freakout, and decide to go on the lam. Except, they are not good at hiding or running or solving problems.

Between an unplanned camping trip, an altercation with Saul’s dealer, selling drugs to/and getting high with schoolchildren, having his high school girlfriend’s father try to kill them, and a few other felonies, Dale and Saul make things go from bad to worse. The stress and pressure put Dale and Saul at odds and the go their separate ways.

Shortly after parting, Dale learns that the drug kingpin has abducted Saul. He enlists the help of Saul’s near dead dealer, Red, and we find ourselves in Act III with the pair storming the secret military bunker which is now supplying the drug kingpin.


Seriously, how is Red still alive?

Movie Magic. And Item 9.

How exactly did Dale and Saul manage to escape all of that chaotic violence?

Anything is possible if you are best friends enough.

Who gave Dale a radio show?

No one did, he was talking into his hand.

Anything else at the end of Pineapple Express not make sense? Let me know below.




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