lost space blank

Lost in Space (1998)

The year is 2058.

The Earth is at peace. Except for the Global Sedition terrorist group and the conflict caused by the near complete exhaustion of fossil fuels and Ozone.

United Global Space Force and Silicon Graphics Corporation have planned a mission to a nearby habitable planet. They plan to send the designer of a warp-gate and his family to the new planet to construct the pair of a warp-gate orbiting Earth.

Shortly after launch the mission goes sideways and, predictably, the only way to save everyone’s lives is to use the one instrument installed in the ship that isn’t supposed to be used: the omni-directional warp drive. They reach an unknown point in the universe where the crew spots a hole in space-time, so the pilot unilaterally decides to enter it. There, the pilot, killer robot, assassin doctor, father, and eldest daughter board a ghost ship of unknown origin, which turns out to be loaded with space spiders.

The pilot destroys the spiders and takes the ship down to a nearby planet with a less-than-graceful landing.

This planet has a weird time bubble on it. Dad Robinson gets abducted and Son Robinson goes to investigate.


FutureSon Robinson, with Dad Robinson in captivity, explains his time machine. PastSon Robinson gets outsmarted by Dr. Smith.

Dad promises to come home and goes to investigate what he knows to be a time bubble. Dad gets abducted by FutureSon. FutureSon is mad Dad never came home. Why doesn’t FutureSon take Dad back to PastJupiter 2 instead of to FutureJupiter 2?

After 20 years, Will Robinson is still an idiot.

A scratch from a silicon-based spider caused Smith to turn into some kind of carbon-silicon human-spider hybrid?

Space spiders, man, they’re almost worse than Earth spiders.

Why does PastSon direct Major to save PastDr. Smith?

Because of some naive adolescent sense of righteousness and heroism.

How are FutureSon and Dad able to see the PastJupiter 2 taking off?

They’re in the future. They’ve already seen it happen.

Flying through the planet would accelerate them as they approached the core, but wouldn’t they slow down as they again try to escape the planet’s gravity?

You’re right. Don’t worry, though, their energy core has enough power and stability to enable them to warp jump to some other random location in the galaxy.

If you have any other questions about this movie made by fusing two episodes from the third season of a moderately popular 1960s television show, ask them below.



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