blank check one million dollars preston waters carl quigley hillsdale indiana august 1993

Blank Check (1994)

The year is 1993.

On a dark and stormy night twelve miles outside Hillsdale, an escaped inmate and master welder retrieves a cash-filled suitcase buried in a building.

Over the next couple days, we get to watch eternal dweeb Preston Waters bumble through a series of interactions with complete social ineptitude coupled with impeccable timing. Mostly, Preston experiences misfortune, like his bike being crushed. Sometimes, it’s beneficial, like when a blank check to pay for his bike turned in to a money-laundering bank manager at the right time turns into $1 million.

Preston hemorrhages money like it’s going out of style. He buys a house, a surrogate father and friend limo driver, go-kart track, water slide, batting cage, butlers, and several high-end electronics and toys. He does not buy a safe.

At the end of a long week, Preston holds a birthday party for himself and the elusive “Mr. Macintosh”. During this party, he realizes he only has $332.17 left out of the million he fraudulently acquired. (Side note: although he had no concept of how much he was spending, he still meticulously recorded the cash lost during his run from Quigley in the park)

Preston shuts down the party and wallows in his own self-pity.


Preston answers the door in an empty house with full knowledge a man is after him for stealing his money.

Why is the bank manager there?

He was hoping to pick up a child endangerment charge in addition to his racketeering and fraud charges.

The FBI was unable to figure out who Macintosh was until they raided his home?

Macintosh wasn’t being investigate by the likes of Special Agent Fox Mulder. Nope, just the rinky-dink local field office was looking into this guy who allegedly laundered a million dollars.

Did that grown woman just kiss a 12-year-old on the mouth and agree to go on a date with him in 6 years?

Preston may not have actually been in shock, but I am. I guess sexual predators can even lurk in the US Justice system.

Have you any other questions about Blank Check and Disney’s questionable choices? Leave them below.



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