Who Framed Roger Rabbit valiant private investigator telephone keyhole doorknob silhouette bunny ears

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988)

The year is 1947.

Cartoon-maker, R.K. Maroon, hires cartoon-hater, Eddie Valiant, to help cartoon-rabbit, Roger Rabbit, focus more on cartoon-acting, his craft, by way of finding out if his cartoon-wife, Jessica Rabbit, is cheating on him with cartoon-weapons-manufacturer, Marvin Acme.

When Acme turns up dead with Roger as the only likely suspect, Valiant starts looking for evidence to clear Roger’s name. When Valiant thinks he figured out why Acme was murdered and attempts to get more information out of R.K. Maroon, Maroon is murdered by an unknown assailant.

Valiant concedes the only way to find out who is behind all this murder and intrigue is to head to Toon Town. We end Act II with Judge Doom taking Jessica and Valiant hostage.


Valiant and Jessica are all about to be a little bit deader. Roger and Benny head to the Acme factory to save them.

What is “dip”?

A fast-acting paint thinner. Rather than turning into angels when they die from something like laughter, cartoons are completely obliterated from dip.

Doom’s plan is pretty ridiculous– there was no decent public transportation in LA, right?

There was. His nefarious plan is just a retro-futuristic look at what was going to happen to Los Angeles and the surrounding area, complete with buyout and dissolution of existing public transportation systems.

A kick to the groin doesn’t rhyme with “walls”?

Sleep on it. You’ll get the joke tomorrow.

Leave any other questions about this Roger Rabbit flick below.



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