Rumble bronx motorbike gang members breaking bottles baseball bat torture jackie chan

Rumble in the Bronx (1995)

While visiting his uncle in New York, Keung crosses a motorbike gang when he blocks one of its members from winning a thousand-dollar race.

Over the next several days, the gang members harass Keung and the market he works in. After a particularly daring chase, gang member Angelo stumbles upon a wrecked car with a stash of diamonds inside. Unable to escape the owners of the diamonds, Angelo stashes said diamonds in a wheelchair seat cushion.

When the gang spots Keung on a date with an ex-gang member, they trash Keung’s store. Keung storms into gang headquarters and challenges the leader to a duel. As is custom, when the leader is defeated, he asks Keung for help. Keung agrees to look for Angelo and the stolen diamonds.

Act II ends with a diamond discovery, hostage negotiation, and the complete destruction of the supermarket.


Keung heads to 100 Beach Avenue to trade with White Wolf: the diamonds for his friends.

Wasn’t that cop shot in the face? How is he still alive?

That spark coming off his cigar was just that: a spark. The criminals aren’t firing live rounds; they don’t want to go to prison for killing anyone.

Did Keung just toss that baby like a sack of potatoes?

Yes. Chances are that child was a sack of potatoes, based on the fact that the mother left her “baby” unattended as she was several hundred yards up the beach.

That’s the end?

Yup! All the police really cared about was helping Keung get revenge. They decided, in a deleted scene, the best way to do that is to drive over him with a the hovercraft that was just used to destroy the city. Karmic retribution, baby!

If you have any other questions about Rumble in the Bronx, leave it below!



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