The Boondock Saints (1999)

After a wonderful morning mass and fun day at work on St. Patrick’s Day, twins Connor and Murphy MacManus head to their local Boston pub to unwind with some friends. That’s where they encounter a couple of Russia mafia members who can’t tell when they’re outnumbered. After a quick exchange of insults, the MacManuses and company beat up the Russians. The next morning, the Russians try to take revenge on the brothers, but the twins end up killing the Russians [in self-defense].

The get off the hook because the investigating FBI agent likes their gumption, only to sneak their way into a Russian mob meeting and kill all of those guys [in cold blood]. When it’s discovered their best friend, Rocco, was there on a suicide mission, they start targeting members of the Italian mob.

The action peaks at the end of ACT II as the brothers and Rocco are exiting a hit, they are assaulted by Il Duce, a master hitman. While reviewing this crime scene, Special Agent Smecker realizes it’s his two pals from before and decides to dial back his quest to apprehend them.


The twins and Rocco head to Yakavetta’s house to knock him off. Smecker goes looking for more information.

Why did they shoot off Rocco’s finger?

They wanted information.

What information do they want?

These Italian mobsters are under the impression someone hired the Saints to assassinate everyone, rather than realizing the MacManuses are just a couple of crazies on a murder spree.

Why didn’t anyone on the balcony go get help? Why did the bailiffs toss down their guns? Why was there no bailiff near the judge?

This is a simple court system in small-town Boston. They would never expect folks to want to kill a notorious mob boss when he’s so close to getting off the hook. The folks up in the balcony were frozen with the fear of death and the awe of witnessing murder. Those bailiffs never signed up to give their lives to protect and serve, they’re just there for show. Further, the judge is a strong, independent man who don’t need no protection.

Did they rehearse that speech?

Nope! There’s some behind-the-scenes footage on a rare laserdisc copy of the film of the director telling the three to just come up with some pseudo-religious, self-righteous mumbo jumbo.

“Da”? Wait, is Il Duce the twins’ father?

Sequel spoiler! I think? He’s credited as “Poppa” in the second film, so it’s a safe bet.

If you are confused about anything else in The Boondock Saints, let us know below.




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