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Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)

The year is 1914.

Milo Thatch is a young man obsessed with his late grandfather’s mission: to find the lost city of Atlantis. After a failed pitch to his employer to fund an expedition to locate the city, a wealthy friend of his grandfather’s invites Milo to aid his pre-assembled team, of unknown motives, to find it.

After evading a mechanical Leviathan, the surviving team spends a couple days trekking through caves and ruins to find the entrance to the city. With the team’s initial encounter with the Atlanteans and the Atlantean king we begin to see that Commander Rourke may not be the most good-natured explorer.

Milo and Kida become fast friends. Kida shows Milo the Heart of the Ocean Heart of Atlantis, which gives Rourke the chance to betray everyone. Act II ends with Kida joining with the crystal, Commander Rourke stealing it, and Milo learning of the crystals true power.


Milo is on his way to rescue Kida. Rourke is attempting to float his way out of the ocean cavern.

Where did they get enough crystals for everyone to fly their own fishship?

The Atlanteans had a couple thousand extras laying about from all the folks that died because their ability to sustain themselves slowly crumbled under the fearful king.

Why did Rourke get transmorgafied into that exploding crystal monster?

Milo scratches Rourke with that crystal he pulls out of the safe. What happens next can only be explained on the microscopic scale: the point of the crystal is so fine that it doesn’t just separate Rourke’s skin cells– it cuts through the cells, including the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell. With the destruction of a single mitochondria, it releases its energy, starting a chain reaction that first crystallizes then explodes Rourke’s body.

What happened to Helga?

I guess she died? Cookie said she was crushed by the exploding zeppelin, but most of it fell towards Milo. I like to imagine she swam out in the lava as the volcano was erupting then infiltrated the Atlantean peoples to live out the rest of her days in relative obscurity.

Where does the endless water come from?

The erupting volcano uncorked a siphon deep underneath Atlantis. Now it flows up into the city, down the walls and back into the siphon.

If have any more questions about this deep water adventure, leave them below.




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