kung fu panda noodles chopsticks

Kung Fu Panda (2008)

Po is a panda raised by a noodle-slinging goose.

Tai Lung is a snow leopard bent on stealing the mythic Dragon Scroll, the secret to limitless power.

Although Po is selected to become the legendary Dragon Warrior, Master Shifu thinks that is a mistake and tries to get him to abandon his training. Tai Lung escapes from prison and makes his way for the Valley of Peace.

After if it is discovered Tai Lung escaped from prison, The Furious Five Warriors leave the Jade Palace to face Tai Lung and are defeated. Master Shifu trains Po, then allows him to open the Dragon Warrior scroll. It is empty.

Disappointed, the Furious Five make to escort all of the villagers out of the Valley of Peace. Po goes back to his goose-father to help him evacuate.


Master Shifu meets Tai Lung alone at the Jade Palace. Po makes his way back there.

The Dragon Scroll is just a mirror?

Yep. Flexible gold scrolls are a hallmark of power. Your true power is self-confidence. Po’s true power is his ability to deflect blows with his adipose tissue.

How would you classify Po’s fighting style?

The five original styles of Kung Fu are Tiger, Crane, Monkey, Snake, and Mantis. Dragon and Leopard appear mostly to be Southern Styles. Although these are the originals, more styles developed over time. Po fights with Bear-style Kung Fu: he focuses mostly on his stomach and uses awkward movements to deflect attacks.

If you have any other questions about Po’s first adventure as Dragon Warrior, post them below.




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