frailty rose garden gods hand killer

Frailty (2002)

During the introduction credits, we are treated to several newspaper clippings detailing the exploits of the infamous “God’s Hand Killer.” Shortly after, a man identifying himself as Fenton Meiks explains to the lead investigator of the case, FBI agent Wesley Doyle, that he can lay out in full detail the rise of this serial killer.

The year is 1979.

Fenton and his brother, Adam, live a relatively normal life with their mechanic father. That is, until their father wakes them in the middle of the night to inform them they had been chosen by God to kill demons.

Fenton has a difficult time believing his father. That is, until his father kills a woman he claims is a demon. Following her death and Fenton’s continued reluctance to believe him, Dad Meiks forces Fenton to dig a kill room under their shed. Fenton tries to report his father to the local sheriff, which gets the sheriff killed. Fenton is then locked up in the kill room for over a week.

We finish Act II with an ax swing to Dad Meiks’ chest.


Adult Fenton Adam Meiks finishes his story of the Thurman Rose Garden in the Thurman Rose Garden.

After hearing information that only the killer would know, this FBI agent continued to follow this likely serial killer into the dark burial ground?

Yes. Agent Doyle wasn’t exactly the smartest guy, having left the FBI station with this dude of questionable intentions in the first place.

So Fenton was actually the God’s Hand killer?

Yes. Fenton, after experiencing some extreme deprivation torture in the kill room and killing his father, didn’t have the most stable mental status. Fenton killed six people, which is why Agent Doyle was pursuing him. We learn in the rose garden that Adam has destroyed far more than six demons.

Is that Adam’s wife? Is she in on his mission from God?

She’s credited as Becky Meiks, so yes, it’s safe to assume that she and Adam are married. I would also assume she is in on his mission because after Dad Meiks mentioned his meeting an angel, that’s all Adam could talk or think about. I would imagine at some point he received a message telling him Becky was an alright gal and he should marry her.

If you have any more questions about Frailty, leave them below.




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