cloverfield manhattan dv tape statue of liberty head

Cloverfield (2008)

April 27: Rob and Beth wake up in Beth’s father’s apartment overlooking Central Park. They take the day off and to go to Coney Island.

May 22, evening: Lily and Jason prepare and throw a “Going Away” surprise party for Rob in his lower Manhattan apartment. Hud is in charge of recording testimonials and the party vibe (and chooses to record several of his awkward interpersonal interactions as well).

May 23, morning: There’s a huge rumble and the power goes out in the city, except for Rob’s apartment. After the destruction of Rob’s building, the surrounding blocks, and the Brooklyn Bridge, Rob decides he’s going to hoof it to Beth’s apartment in upper Manhattan

Following the explosive death of Marlena as a result of a subway critter encounter, Rob, Lily, and Hud make their way into Beth’s apartment building. Beth is critically wounded, but they manage to escort her down to the street.


The group finds a military evacuation point.

Why was that evacuation helicopter flying parallel to the monster’s movement?

The pilot knew Hud was recording the whole event, so she wanted to give him the best opportunity for monster footage.

Why did they grab the camera and hide under the bridge?

Hud gets crunched and Rob and Beth decide that’s the best time to grab the camera, but the monster is too close for them to escape, so they run away to hide under the bridge. They thought they were going to get crunched, too, so they decided they would rather be consumed by Dawnhammer than feed the giant beast.

While Rob and Beth are on the Ferris Wheel, is that the monster falling into the ocean?

That would make sense. Instead, producer and expert excrement expediter J.J. Abrams said in an interview that the object falling into the ocean is a satellite (even though they are designed to break up in the atmosphere, among other reasons why that doesn’t make sense). Why he believes it’s more important to the story of the film to create more questions than answering any of the hundred other questions is best answered by Cracked.

Why is the monster only hanging out on Manhattan island?

This monster has grown accustomed to a certain high-class lifestyle and wouldn’t be caught dead in the other boroughs.

If this was filmed on an SD card, why does it play like it was shot on film?

It wasn’t shot on SD card. I know it says it was in the military text introduction and all of the pre-release hype photos show the characters holding an SD-only camera, but Rob says during the party “Did you record over my tape?” and it looks like large chunks of Rob’s Coney Island date with Beth were recorded over in the same way traditional tapes are, so I’m just going to say the Department of Defense intro is a bunch of bologna.

If you have any questions or want to point out any more plot holes (there are plenty), please post them below.



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