jurassic park 3 las cinco muertes isla sorna isla nublar islands flight path

Jurassic Park III (2001)

In The Lost World, Dr. Ian Malcolm is coerced to go to Isla Sorna by the potential of something bad happening to someone he cares about. In this film, Dr. Alan Grant is convinced into flying over Isla Nublar by a wealthy couple looking for a tour guide. They are not wealthy, a couple, looking to fly over Isla Nublar, or looking for a tour guide. They are a couple of middle class, divorced parents wanting Grant to help keep them alive while they search Isla Sorna for their son.

Shortly after landing, the man who knocked Grant out is eaten, their plane is destroyed and then their pilot is eaten. There’s something more sinister on this island: the Spinosaurus aegypticus. We see right after the survivors “get away” from the Spinosaurus, the new dino bests a T-Rex, the scary big-guy in the previous two films, in a fight. Yikes!

The survivors find some raptor eggs, Eric’s camera of paragliding onto the island, and an InGen research facility surrounded by raptors. Udesky is killed while Dr. Grant is working on learning raptor, then he is saved by Eric.

The survivors reunite and are chased into an aviary. Act II ends with Billy getting pecked to bits by the pterosaurs.


The Kirbys and Dr. Grant drift down river on a maintenance boat.

Why is that Spinosaurus following them around?

Spinosauruses are notorious for hating planes. Since this Spinosaurus’ first association with these people is while they were in the plane, she decided she must destroy them.

Why do the raptors look different (feathers and racing stripes) in this film?

The raptors’ reality is a product of popular perception. Between the first Jurassic Park adventure in 1993 and this one in 2001, the raptors went through rapid cellular mutation brought on by the discovery of dinosaur fossils with feather impressions. InGen should be more worried about this feature rather than trying to make a theme park.

How did the navy find Billy? And before they found Grant and the Kirbys?

Billy drifted downstream out to the ocean. The US Navy has sophisticated instruments specifically for locating bodies floating out in the ocean. They spotted him when they were on their way circling the island. Billy is only lucky in that he probably would have been eaten during the Spinosaurus encounter on the river.

Why didn’t we see the Spinosaurus in The Lost World?

1993: The power goes out. 1997: InGen team goes to capture dinosaurs. 2001: Spinosaurus is first spotted. The only logical explanation is that Spinosaurus experiences a rapid growth period between the ages of 4 and 8 years old. That’s why it wasn’t on InGen’s list– it was still in an egg when the power went out in 1993 and hadn’t been confirmed embyro-to-term yet. It wasn’t spotted in 1997 because it was just a little gal running around looking like compsognathus.

If you have any other questions about the exciting conclusion to the Jurassic Park trilogy, leave them below.



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