lost world jurassic park 2 las cinco muertes isla sorna

The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997)

What do you do when you’re a multi-billion dollar company that put millions of dollars of research and development into building a theme park of bio-engineered dinosaurs on a remote island off the coast of Costa Rica and a freak hurricane coupled with a deceitful IT guy causes the dinosaurs to be released from their habitats to wreak havoc on a group of experts trying to determine the viability of said theme park? You mount an expedition to retrieve some dinosaurs from your secret second research island, that also saw the dinosaurs escape when the hurricane hit, to open a theme park of bio-engineered dinosaurs in San Diego. Flawless logic!

Dr. Ian Malcolm is coerced into going to Isla Sorna, InGen’s second site, to help a friend who was sent there to gather proof of dinosaurs living without human assistance. InGen, meanwhile, has sent a group of hunters to collect some of those dinosaurs for a new theme park.

Shortly after arriving on the island, Malcolm locates his friend, Dr. Harding, discovers his daughter, for some reason, stowed away, and finds the InGen hunting team replete with captured dinos. Dr. Harding draws the T-Rex parents to base camp with wailing baby T-Rex.

Following the deaths of pretty much everyone except for a couple key people, the photographer/survival expert Nick Van Owen calls in air support and the survivors get off the island.

But wait, there’s more.


Malcolm and Harding are attempting to interrupt Ludlow’s presentation of the captured T-Rex in San Diego.

How is it that everyone on the boat is dead?

Because that T-Rex is certainly way too large to have entered all the nooks and crannies where people might hide on a boat? There is a deleted scene where just after leaving port at Isla Sorna, raptors come out of the shadows and kill everyone. I imagine they would have hung out on the boat and rampaged around San Diego, like the T-Rex, so it was deemed “no explanation necessary”.

How was that T-Rex able to board the boat and get into the hold without Ludlow noticing?

As established in the first film, Tyrannosaurs are capable of incredible stealth.

In addition to being a paleontologist, a naturalist, and a photographer, Dr. Harding is also an expert sniper?

That’s why she tells Malcolm she doesn’t need his help when he shows up on the island.

Where did that pterosaur come from?

Maybe there’s an aviary. Maybe someone broke into that aviary. Maybe it wasn’t closed up properly when that someone left. Although, this all happens in Jurassic Park III, which takes place after this film, so let’s just say they were some of the Van Owen’s escapees.


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