Grandma's Boy demonik dante's lion video games

Grandma’s Boy (2006)

Thirty-five year old Alex has bad luck with roommates. His first roommate spent all the rent money on Filipino hookers massage therapists. He came on his next roommate’s roommate. And since he can’t sleep at the office every night, he finds himself living with his grandma and her two roommates.

At least he loves his job as a videogame tester at Brainasium. Plus he has a huge crush on his new boss Samantha. But living with his grandma makes it too hard to get his levels done and his friends think he has failed them. But, Alex cleverly decides to send the ladies to the real Antique Road Show, and manages to get all his levels done in one night.

To celebrate the team victory, the testers and Samantha all go to dinner to celebrate. Stopping by his grandma’s house, they discover the old ladies have brewed Alex’s pot into tea, and are now hyper high. Wanting to get more pot for Samantha, Alex invites his dealer, Dante, over, thus triggering an epic party. Cereal is eaten, titties are sucked, karaoke is sung, and prank voicemails are left for their strange coworker JP.

The night after the party, JP cries to Alex about feeling left out. Feeling bad, Alex shares his secret video game with him.


Act III has us witnessing JP claiming Alex’s game is his own. Having no way to prove him wrong, Alex storms off. Then Samantha discovers that his grandma has played the game. In her victory, she proves Alex did make the game.

Wait, I thought Alex burnt his hands on a 450° pan! How have they healed?

Alex removed his bandages shortly after the ladies discovered what a TV marathon is. Ah, the healing powers of Antique Roadshow.

Whatever happened to Dante’s lion?

It escaped and was caught by the authorities.

So if Dante was too high to drive to the Devil’s house, how did he and Alex arrive at Brainasium for the final smackdown?

Either the monkey really did drive them, or that was just a stoner dream and they ordered a Lyft.

Can I really play Demonik?

You were going to be able to, but then it got cancelled.

If you have any other questions about the finale of this marvel of a movie, leave it below.



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