Ferris Bueller's Day Off ferrari fedora baseball sunglasses

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

Ferris is a charming young man with excellent grades and a poor attendance record. He’s loved by his parents, idolized by his peers, and detested by the school’s principal.

On this particular day, Ferris convinces his parents he’s sick and stays home from school. He spends the morning coordinating a fun day-trip with his friend, Cameron, and girlfriend, Sloane, using some clever tactics. His principal remains unconvinced and unimpressed by his antics so spends the day trying to thwart Ferris.

The group’s morning of a Ferrari joyride, visiting the Willis Sears Tower, and watching Wall Street trading is capped off by bluffing their way into a high-end restaurant. Principal Rooney mistakes a woman for Ferris at a local bar.

After lunch, the group attends a Cubs game, wanders around an art museum, and joins in a parade. Meanwhile, Rooney learns the reason people have doggy-doors, take self-defense classes, and avoid parking in front of fire hydrants.

Act II peaks and closes with the revelation that somehow Cameron’s father’s car drove over 100 miles while they were out. Cameron goes catatonic.


The group goes swimming to unwind. Rooney is still hanging out in the Bueller back yard.

How does this guy in the police station know Ferris?

Garth Volbeck? He and Ferris were friends in the eighth grade; then family issues caused Garth to drop out of school. Ferris blames himself for not helping more, that’s why he’s bent on giving Cameron a good time. That is, if you believe there was a previous script that gave this guy a backstory.

How did Ferris and Sloane get to Sloane’s house from Cameron’s?

Cameron wrecked his father’s car, not his own. He was feeling pretty care-free so he dropped them off and went home to confront his father.

Why are those tanners faced away from the setting sun?

Sometimes the best and safest sun-exposure is the sunlight reflected off the bottoms of tree leaves. Of course, this wasn’t a well-known philosophy in the eighties. These ladies are revolutionaries.

So no one greets the dog when they get home? What kind of sick family is this?

The 80s truly were a very weird time.

What’s the name of that song?

Pretty sure it’s Day Bow Bow.

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