jurassic park isla nublar island

Jurassic Park (1993)

On a dark night in Costa Rica, something large and deadly is transferred from a secure metal crate. On a humid evening in the Dominican Republic, a lawyer visits a dig site and sees an unearthed piece of amber. On a dry afternoon in the Montana badlands, two paleontologists are invited to a private island by their wealthy benefactor. On an overcast morning back in Costa Rica, a wealthy corporate spy prepays an IT professional for stealing viable embryos.

John Hammond hosts the paleontologists, the lawyer, a chaostitician, and his grandchildren for a weekend adventure at a theme park he created with bio-engineered dinosaurs. During their initial tram-ride through the park, none of the dinosaurs are visible except for a sick triceratops. Dr. Sattler stays behind to help determine the cause of illness while the rest take the tram back to the Visitor Center. Or so they think.

Dennis Nedry cuts the power while the tram is in front of the T-Rex paddock, marooning the group. The T-Rex breaks out, the lawyer gets eaten, the chaostitician gets injured, and Dr. Grant and the kids escape to make their way on foot.

Act II ends following Dr. Sattler’s restoration of power to the island.


Dr. Grant, Tim, and Lex reach the Visitor Center. Dr. Sattler is running from the velociraptors. Dr. Malcolm and Hammond are hanging out in the bunker.

Grant went with Ellie to the bunker first, before retrieving the kids?

Although we’re led to believe Grant has a change of heart about children and learns to love them, that’s not at all true. Grant is hoping Tim and Lex get snatched by the dinosaurs Ellie is yelling about running away from.

Why is the freezer door open? Where did all that ice come from?

The power went out overnight because Ray Arnold rebooted the system. While waiting for him, Hammond and Dr. Sattler hang out and eat some ice cream. In the novelization of the movie, Hammond has a breakdown in the freezer where decides he doesn’t care about the future of the park, thus leaving the door open on his way out.

Why doesn’t Tim help anyone in the Control Room?

This is another one that can be answered by the novelization of the movie– Tim has always been fascinated by Unix operating systems, but Lex refused to teach him how to use them. While in the Control Room, Tim sees Lex trying to restart the computer systems and seizes the opportunity to learn from the master hacker.

How was the T-Rex able to sneak up on everyone like that?

Since learning the taste of human flesh the previous night, the T-Rex goes all out to eat what she can. That next morning, while chasing Dr. Grant and the kids, she thinks she sees them and inadvertently eats a Gallimimus. Failing the sate her need for human, she goes to the one place she remembers a ton of people working: the embryo lab/visitor center. When she arrived, there was no one around, so she just hung out in the shadows.

Then why did she attack the raptors when the humans were right there?

Once again, she got confused and thought the raptors were people. We’re talking about a dinosaur brain here. After she crunched the first raptor, the second one attacked her, so she had to retaliate. Unfortunately for the T-Rex, the people already fled when she was free, so she roared in frustration.

If you have any other questions about Jurassic Park, please post them below.



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