Black Sheep chris farley

Black Sheep (1996)

Al Donnelly is running for the Washington state Governor’s seat. His brother, Mike Donnelly, is as helpful as he is inept. Al hires Steve Dodds, a lowly assistant, to keep Mike occupied and out of the news during the campaign by promising Steve a spot on his team following the election.

Following a series of incriminating photos and circumstantially questionable activities, Al begrudgingly agrees to have his brother whisked away to a rural cabin to avoid any more scandals.

Mike just can’t try to take a backseat in Al’s run, so he heads to a Rock the Vote party. Shenanigans ensue and Mike embarrasses Al (but rallies a bunch of voters) and is sent back to cabin. Governor Tracy sees her numbers slide in polls, so she pays to have an incriminating photo of Mike run in the newspaper.

Act II finishes up with Mike realizing Tracy was voted back into office by several deceased folks, so he convinces Steve to escort him to the governor’s mansion.


Mike and Steve are on their way to Olympia.

Why does that cop car have Nitrous oxide?

Near the beginning of the film, Robbie shows the boosters to Mike. There is a deleted scene where Robbie explains he needs it to chase down Canadian drug traffickers.

How did Mike get away from the police pursuit?

Even though those tanks of Nitrous were leaking into the car for a while, there was enough to get that car up to 155 mph for the duration of the trip.

So the sniper was called off once Drake jumped on stage with an RPG?

Drake Sabitch is not a man to be messed with. Ask Steve.

Why does Al hire Steve onto his gubernatorial team?

You mean because Steve failed at every turn to keep Mike out of the spotlight? This is the way politics work: you make deals, kind of follow through on those deals, and (since even the mostly failures are counted as successes) get promoted.

Why doesn’t Mike just take his jacket off?

Sometimes jackets adhere to a person’s body and are impossible to remove. A prime example of this is Del Griffith in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles when he tries to remove his coat while driving. Sometimes it just can’t be done.

If you have any other questions about the end Black Sheep, feel free to leave them below.



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