karate kid part 2 drum technique miyagi dojo rules

The Karate Kid Part II (1986)

In true “Part II” fashion, this movie picks up where The Karate Kid ends– or rather, there’s a brief recap of the first movie, then Part II starts after Daniel’s victory at the tournament. Cobra Kai Dojo Master Kreese is disgusted with Johnny’s second place win, so he starts beating up on him. Mr. Miyagi uses an ancient karate hypnotic stare technique and convinces Kreese to punch through a couple car windows, effectively destroying his hands and ending the confrontation.

Six months later.

Ali has just broken up with Daniel and his mother just picked up a two-month contract in Fresno. Daniel-san goes to hang out with Mr. Miyagi when Mr. McFeely shows up to deliver a letter: Mr.Miyagi’s father is ill. Daniel-san decides a trip to Japan is a better idea than college, so he empties his savings account and goes with Mr. Miyagi to Okinawa.

Upon arriving in Okinawa, Daniel-san and Mr. Miyagi learn that Miyagi’s old best friend, Sato, has exercised his knowledge of capitalism by buying up all the land in town and has rented it out to the villagers to farm after his fishing business caught all available fish in the surrounding waters. Sato’s nephew Chozen decides he doesn’t like Daniel for some reason and takes to making his stay in Okinawa stressful.

Daniel-san’s training in Okinawa focuses on learning the Miyagi family karate secret: the Drum Technique. He learns how to avoid a fish-net hook, O-bon dancing, bar room ice-breaking, and nut-punching.

Act II ends following a night of dancing and Mr. Miyagi beating up another group of misfit kids.


Daniel-san and Mr. Miyagi are packing to leave Okinawa the following morning when Sato decides that it’s a good time to bulldoze the village.

Why is everyone acting shocked that that giant storm moved in?

You mean because you could see it on the horizon before Daniel and Kumiko start their tea ceremony? And the village is filled with people who have lived there for generations and would understand the weather patterns pretty well? Yeah, that’s a bizarre little fishing village.

Why do Sato and Chozen live in a village of people who hate them?

You mean because over the course of 50 years Sato has built up a massive amount of wealth by subjugating his own people? And Chozen has been caught cheating the weights of vegetables? Yeah, that’s a bizarre little fishing village.

Why didn’t that little girl climb down from the tower before the storm hit?

You mean because everyone from the village was already in the shelter? And there was a noticeable fade-to-black transition showing an amount of time had passed after Yumiko and Daniel made it inside? Yeah, that’s a bizarre little fishing village.

Why does Daniel-san punch Chozen like his arms are broken?

This is Daniel showing he has truly mastered the Drum Technique. It isn’t just moving your body like the spinning drum; it’s treating your arms like the flailing hammers, too.

Is that the last we’ve seen of Kreese?

I have a feeling he’ll show up in The Karate Kid Part III.

If you have any other questions about Part II of the Karate Kid trilogy, leave them below.



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