karate kid bonzai crane technique

The Karate Kid (1984)

Newark wise-guy Daniel Larusso is relocated to Los Angeles when his mom gets a job working for an unnamed aerospace company.

On his first night in town, Daniel goes to the beach to play some soccer. There he meets the single local hotty Ali. Unfortunately for him, Ali’s crazed ex-boyfriend is the leader of a karate-fighting dirt bike gang. Daniel gets in one little fight and his mom gets scared. She tells him “You’re training with that elderly karate master down stairs.”

The elderly karate master Mr. Miyagi coerces Daniel to face his attackers and fight in the All Valley Karate Tournament. Over the course of a couple months, Mr. Miyagi teaches Daniel-san bonsai, car waxing, deck sanding, fly catching, fence/house painting, beach-wave defense, the Crane Technique, and the secret to powerful punches.

Act II ends with Daniel repairing his relationship with Ali the night before the big tournament.


Daniel-san, Mr. Miyagi, and Ali go to the tournament.

 How is that Daniel-san fights nearly every member of the Cobra Kai on his way to the finals?

Cobra Kai Dojo Master Kreese is not just ruthless, he is also very cunning. Before the tournament, he paid off the judges to arrange the bracket so that no matter how many competitors Daniel-san beat, he would always face a Cobra Kai.

How does Mr. Miyagi heal?

Since Mr. Miyagi has mastered the Monk job-class, he knows the heal skill Chakra. Chakra, as you know, has a small AOE. He just needs to be near someone for them to experience the effects.

Is there a rulebook or does the referee just make whatever calls he wants?

Bobby Brown jump kicks Daniel-san’s knee and is immediately disqualified for “Extensive and Deliberate Contact”. Johnny Lawrence grabs Daniel-san’s leg and does an elbow-drop on his knee, but only receives a warning.
Johnny punches Daniel-san in the face, and no points are awarded.  Daniel-san jump kicks Johnny in the face, and gets the winning point.
I’m gonna go with no rulebook whatsoever.

If you have any other questions about Daniel-san, Mr. Miyagi, or the end of the The Karate Kid, ask it below.



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