Neighbors (2014)

Just because Kelly and Mac Radner have a house and a baby doesn’t mean they are old people. At least so they tell themselves until the “legendary” Delta Psi fraternity moves in next door.

At first they try and play it cool and party it up with the frat boys. But soon they betray any trust they shared with frat leaders Teddy and Pete by calling the cops on them.

Delta Psi responds by partying harder, trying to get the Radners to move out. Kelly and Mac however, take matters into their own hands and plot to destroy Teddy and Pete’s foundational friendship by making Pete put hos before bros. This nearly topples the frat and they find themselves on probation.


Unable to get the school to fully shut down the frat, Mac and Kelly trick Teddy into thinking that the probation has been lifted. Teddy then throws Delta Psi’s most epic party of the year, realizing halfway in that they have been tricked by the old people.

Did Delta Psi really do all those amazingly historical party things?

Sure! Why not? Delta Psi forever!

Isn’t it irresponsible for Mac and Kelly to party while they have their baby at home?

You would think so. But the times they do party either one of them stays sober with the baby monitor or they have a babysitter. So irresponsibility is debatable.

Can you really milk a human woman?

Yes, it’s called breastfeeding.

Did they ever find all four airbags?

Yes. One and two happened to Mac and Jimmy at the office. Three happened to Mac after Kelly leaves with Stella, declaring that she doesn’t feel safe. Four is found by Mac and a broomstick.

Would having a baby really solve all Paula and Jimmy’s problems?

Probably, considering this is a movie and not real life.

Leave any other questions about Act 3 of Neighbors below!



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