lethal weapon 3 cop killers

Lethal Weapon 3 (1992)

Murtaugh and Riggs team up for another adventure in the LA police.

This time, they are busted down to patrol duty after accidentally blowing up a building. During a routine jay-walking bust, they observe and pursue an armored-car robbery. This causes them to cross paths with Internal Affairs while on a hunt for an armor-piercing rounds, “cop killers”, distributor.

While in Act II, they can’t catch as break– while pursuing ex-cop Jack Travis, Leo Getz gets shot; while getting burgers, Murtaugh accidentally kills his son’s friend; and while Riggs, Murtaugh and IA officer Cole are out looking for Travis, Captain Murphy is abducted by said man in question.

Act II closes out with Travis heisting the armor-piercing rounds from the Internal Affairs evidence lockup. Plucky upstart Young Cop is killed by one of those rounds during the inevitable shoot-out that follows. Travis and Henchmen #3 escape through the LA subway in a truck outfitted with retractable rail-wheels.


Riggs and Murtaugh arrive to foreclose on the Rancho Arroyo Planned Community. Lorna muscles some info out of Leo and arrives just before the final assault.

Where’s the LAPD backup?

They are only necessary in life/death situations. After Cole is shot and bleeding out in the burning skeleton-of-a-house,  Riggs tells Murtaugh to call in EMS.

Why do they have Murphy’s car?

As he’s exiting the LA tunnels, Murtaugh inconspicuously nabs the car. Thankfully Murphy left the key in the ignition or they’d have to use Roger’s car (or Trish’s, yikes!).

Does Exxon actually taste worse than other brands of gasoline?

They lost the original recipe in the spill off Prince William Sound and it hasn’t tasted the same since. Luckily there are fully electric cars now and battery acid tastes much better.

Did Riggs really lose in hand-to-hand combat?

That he did. He must be getting too old for this shtick.

What is preventing those armor piercing rounds from going through the truck door and killing Riggs?

In the Director’s Extra Extended Cut, it is revealed that Travis is deeply paranoid about his own henchmen using the armor-piercing rounds against him. To help assuage this fear, he has triple-reinforced doors installed on the truck. Unfortunately for him, he is driving that tractor with a flimsy solid-steel scoop when, ironically, Riggs shoots at him with AP rounds.

If you’ve any other questions, there’s a wonderful comment section below you can use.



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