lethal weapon 2 krugerrand south african flag

Lethal Weapon 2 (1989)

Riggs and Murtaugh are at it again.

Another case threatens the lives of Murtaugh’s family members. To help alleviate the problem, they are set up as wards of the talkative informant Leo Getz. “Whatever you need, Leo gets. Get it?”

Act II reveals a South African consulate to be involved in some dirty dealings that match up Leo with the case Riggs and Murtaugh were working on. Following the complete destruction of the Murtaugh family station wagon, the explosive deaths of several LAPD officers, the abduction of Leo, and the murder of Riggs’ love interest, Riggs snaps. And so ends Act II.


Riggs and Murtaugh meet at the house on stilts. Leo is tied up inside.

Where is the LAPD backup?

This time: it’s personal. Don’t worry though, they’ll show just in time after everyone is dead.

Pretty lucky Murtaugh was boating with his family at the LA docks at the same time the container ship Alba Varden happened to be moored there, huh?

Yes. But then again, we learn that the South African consulate is moving massive quantities of drugs into the US based on the amount of krugerrands in the car in the beginning and the pallets of cash in the shipping container. And we learned that Riggs wife was killed four years ago while he was a narcotics officer and came close to discovering the consulate as the source of the drugs (which would make their operation older than that even). It actually seems quite likely that an avid boater like Murtaugh would have seen the Alba Varden at some point. The luck, I think, comes in when you consider he had it on video tape.

What about Arjen’s diplomatic immunity?

It’s just been revoked.

Does Riggs die at the end?

Cause he’s lying there immobile in Murtaugh’s arms as the camera zooms out at the end? Nah, he’s still alive. However, the original story called for Riggs to die, but the story in Lethal Weapon 3 wouldn’t make any sense with Riggs there if he was supposed to be dead. You can tell he’s still alive from the whimsical music when the credits start playing. We call that in the movie biz “careful editing.”

Leave any other questions you’ve got below.




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