interstellar, ship, black hole, gravitational lensing, time, clock, space

Interstellar (2014)

The year is The Future. The world has become a pseudo-wasteland– a result of widespread starvation caused by blighted crops.

Cooper is a pilot/engineer who, begrudgingly, works a farm. Following a dust storm, he finds some interesting piles of dust on the floor of his daughter’s room that lead him to stumble upon a secret NASA compound. While at the compound, Coop learns he’s the best pilot/engineer to take a team of fellow scientists on an intergalactic mission to save humanity.

Act II launches with mission launch. We follow the crew through a wormhole, philosophical discussions, and planet landings. Those landings experience some complications and a couple crew members die. Act II peaks with the destruction of the navigational hub and Coop coupling to the badly damaged Endurance.


Amelia Brand and CASE are aboard the Endeavor. TARS and Cooper have been ejected into the event horizon of Gargantua. Murph is still hanging out in her old house as the crops burn.

Where did Cooper stop?

This is a three-dimensional representation of the DVD menu of Murph’s room. Cooper is able to jump to any point in time, but only from the perspective of behind Murph’s bookshelf.

How does Murph come to the conclusion that Cooper is the ghost?

Love TARS. Love.

How did Cooper come to enter the Murph-bedroom-tesseract?

According to Einstein, an observer would watch someone take infinite  time to cross an event horizon. For that person, the crossing would happen instantly. Cooper just crossed a time threshold and future-humans were able to snatch him in their tesseract net.

So Tom isn’t mad about the destroyed crops because Cooper sent a message back in time?

Nah. His aggression and opposition to leaving the farm was just a manifestation of his abandonment issues. Donald tells Cooper before he leaves that “Tom will be fine,” but Tom wasn’t fine. Not by a long shot. Tom truly believe Cooper was coming back; he continues to work the farm because Cooper told him to, and continues to send messages up until his wife convinces him it isn’t healthy.

Please leave any additional questions about the end of Interstellar below.



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