hook sword fight fly crow crocodile

Hook (1991)

Peter Banning is a cut-throat merger and acquisitions lawyer. On a trip to London to speak at the opening of a hospital for orphans, Peter’s children are kidnapped. In order to save them, Peter must remember how to pretend. In a drunken stupor, Peter imagines a fairy and blacks out.

Act II opens with Peter waking up in a pirate shipyard. There he finds his children held captive by the flamboyant Captain Hook. Tinkerbell parleys on his behalf and earns him the right to train to fight for their freedom. Act II follows Peter’s training to fight, fly, and crow. We finish Act II the night before the battle, with Peter finally realizing how much Tinkerbell loves him.


Peter flies to the Jolly Roger to save his kids. Jack is now Hook’s son, Maggie is in the brig, and the Lost Boys are preparing for war.

Whoa, there’s no way Thud is that flexible?

Based on seeing Chris Farley’s acrobatics, I’d say that the girth of someone’s waist doesn’t prevent them from being flexible.

What’s in that colored liquid the Lost Boys are spraying in the pirates’ faces?

Based on the burning sensation the pirates seem to experience, I’d say battery acid or bleach.

Is Hook telling the truth, that this has all been a Peter Banning alcohol-induced nightmare?

As with Contact, his perception is his reality. If Peter thinks he was in Never-land, he must’ve been.

What happened to Hook?

That croc burp tells me he got et. Even in death, crocodiles are Nature’s greatest monsters.

Post any other questions about Act III of Hook below!



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