Iron Man (2008)

Number 1 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Tony Stark is your classic billionaire playboy genius. He has a sweet pad, knows exactly what to say all the time, and has friends in all the right places. Except Afghanistan.

Tony goes to Afghanistan to change this by exploding a large portion of the country-side, and is subsequently captured by the Ten Rings militant group. Instead of making a super weapon for his captors, Tony makes a super suit and escapes.

Tony spends most of Act II trying make up for all the damage caused by his company’s arms sales. His mentor and long-time buddy Obadiah Stane gets a little upset about this. Pepper learns that Obadiah is actually the main antagonist of this movie, not the Ten Rings. Obadiah closes out Act II by stealing Tony’s heart machine and placing it into the Iron Monger.


Rhodey saves Tony. Pepper and SHIELD Agent Coulson make their way into Section 16 of the Stark Reactor.

Next time? What does Rhodes mean “next time”?

Rhodes wants to be War Machine, but he isn’t ready. It’ll take an act of international terrorism in a micro-nation to bring out War Machine.

So Obadiah was just going to kill that soccer mom and her kids?

See: Collateral Damage

How’d Obadiah solve the icing problem?

He didn’t. Did you see his suit ice up and then go sailing down towards the ground? Yeah, Stane had no idea that would happen.

How did Pepper get out of the reactor room?

She was ejected from the room by the explosion caused by Iron Monger falling into the reactor. Thankfully the ground broke her fall.

If you have any other questions about the end of Iron Man, leave them below.




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