TMNT (2007)

TMNT tells the age-old tale of a dude achieving absolute power, only to have that power overwhelm him and unleash 13 evil monsters on the land. Three thousand years go by and everyone forgets about it.

That story continues in the present day, with our beloved turtles at an impasse: Leonardo is off training the South American jungles and the other three are left waiting in New York City. Act I ends with a turtle reunion and the discovery that old man Winters is working with the Foot Clan.

Act II follows Winters, née Yaotl, collecting 12 of the 13 ancient monsters and the turtles trying to repair their relationships. It peaks with a brother schism, followed by brother abduction, and finishes with vows of brother recovery.


The stars have aligned and the recovery effort is in action.

How as the Foot able to open the doors?

Although super wealthy, Winters figured his immortality to be the best defense against any kind of robbery. The “security doors” he had installed were really just for show and could be opened like any other door.

Did the stone generals need to be sucked into the portal?

No, but Winters was already tired of hearing their complaining about losing immortality. He didn’t want to listen to them whine about it after they lost it, so the best course of action was to just obliterate them from existence.

What was Raphael planning to do before Splinter stopped him?

Raphael’s pessimistic and emotional nature leans him towards suicidal ideation. Splinter was stopping him from vaporizing himself with Winters.

So that’s why this is sometimes referred to as TMNT 4?

Yup! Even though this wasn’t live-action like the previous three Ninja Turtles films, it is still a part of that story. You can see Shredder’s helmet, the TGRI container, and time scepter in Splinter’s trophy room (among other artifacts from those movies).

What about the Jersey Devil?

Dunno. Probably just took off to cause a bridge collapse or something.

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