Superbad (2007)

High school awkwards Seth and Evan are your classic co-dependent virgin pals.

Current life goals? Get laid.

After getting invites from their dream girls to a party, they in turn promise to acquire all the booze for the party. And here the third-wheel pal Fogell evolves into McLovin, sole possessor of fake-ID-booze-buying powers.

Attempts to obtain the precious liquid finds Fogell McLovin in cahoots with deviant party-loving cops. While McLovin absorbs their life lessons, human tampon Seth and Evan leave their creepy pal Francis and his party behind stressed, scared, and stained, but with sudsy beer in hand.

Because this is apparently a very small town, McLovin and the police officers literally run into Seth (and Evan). Hi-jinks ensue and our trio manages to escape the firm hand of the law.


It’s Act III and we find ourselves at the party! With alcohol! Seth honors himself with shots, Evan plays catch-up by himself, and Fogell makes his move on Thong Girl.

Wait, did anyone actually get laid at this party?

Technically Fogell. Moreso than anyone else we see at least.

What would actually happen to me if I drank sloshy, sudsy beer?

Sudsy Beer – n.  A carbonated alcoholic beverage served from a bottle of laundry detergent
Please see Reaction to Sudsy Beer

What ever happened to that old dude that Officers Slater and Michaels unarrested?

He just kept on riding that bus after our three musketeers were kicked off and eventually became the (little known) true-life inspiration for the movie Speed.

Is the hero of the story actually McLovin?

Yes. Yes it is.

If you have any more questions about Act III of Superbad, leave them below.



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