Blue Streak (1999)

We meet jewel thief Miles Logan mid-heist. The mission goes sideways, and he ditches a boosted diamond in a building being built.

He spends two years in prison; when he gets out it turns out the building being built was a police station.

Beh’lee dat!

To infiltrate the built building, he masquerades as Detective Malone out of West Covina. To complete the illusion, he pairs up with ultra-square Detective Carlson and agrees to teach him how to be cool.

Act II peaks as Miles finally locates the diamond, only to drop it into the stash of heroin in Evidence. Miles volunteers to lead a sting to catch the leader of the largest illegal drug distributor in the northern hemisphere, LaFleur.


Miles escorts the arrested driver, Benny, and a truck full of heroin to a drop zone in the middle of nowhere outside San Diego. His backstabbing former accomplice, Deacon, follows close behind.

The FBI and LA police decided to deliver the real confiscated drugs to LaFleur?

None of them can figure Miles out, so they decide he must be the smartest person in the room. Unfortunately for everyone, he probably is. They probably got the go-ahead with a quick call to the DEA.

Where did Tulley come from?

Tulley is from south San Diego. He was on his way home when he spotted Miles hanging out in that truck in the middle of nowhere.

Deacon continued following the truck even after he saw the police escort? What does he think Miles was doing?

Deacon has been shown on several occasions to be good for nothing except getting mad and shooting people. When he sees Miles leave the police station with a police escort, with full knowledge Miles is impersonating a police officer, he just gets mad and wants to shoot him.

Deacon probably thought Miles was flexing.

Two guys? Why does LaFleur think Miles is a cop, but not Tulley or Deacon?

LaFleur is French. French people are notoriously bad at counting.

Tulley is wearing track pants. No self-respecting police officer would be caught dead in track pants. Deacon is wearing khakis, which, again, no self-respecting police officer would wear khaki pants.

So he was actually working for the Mexican government?

So he was… what? No. Gosh no. This is just Miles lying again to avoid detection. Have you even been watching this movie?

If you’ve got any other questions, leave ’em below!



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