Running Man (1987)

The year is 2017.

Manipulated audio and video is used to convict a man for refusing military orders to open fire on defenseless civilians.

After two years in prison, he escapes, is recaptured and then sentenced to execution. Execution on the hottest reality TV game-show: The Running Man.

Act II sees The Butcher of Bakersfield, Ben Richards, start his run from the Stalkers. He turned SubZero into PlainZero, split Buzzsaw, and downed Dynamo. His friends Laughlin and Weiss also fail to survive.

Amber has miraculously smuggled the raw footage of the Bakersfield Massacre onto the playing field. Killian offers Richards a stalker contract, that he declines.


Act III starts with Richards and Amber searching for Mic’s secret broadcast area. Killian and Tony are in the process of creating a fake fight between Captain Freedom and Richards.

What happened to Whitman, Price, and Haddad?

During their island vacations, they forgot to use sunscreen. Due to the depleted ozone, it did far more damage than anyone would have anticipated. Killian never had the opportunity to explain this; everyone thought they were murdered by Fireball. This shows the danger of assuming.

Where did she hide the broadcast clip?

It’s certainly none of your business, either.

Did Killian leave enough room in his stomach for Richards’ fist?

Considering all of his soft tissue is now ash, I imagine it would be pretty easy for Richards to break Killian’s spine.

So, following the destruction of this single state-sponsored program and the death of its producer, the police state was abolished, natural resource shortages ended, and the global economy recovered?

Yep! We could learn a thing or two from this film.

What ever happened to Captain Freedom?

After digitally killing Richards, he was tired and went to hang out in his trailer.

Please leave any questions about the end of Running Man in the comments section below.



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