Teen Wolf (1985)

Nothing’s worse than being the only guy in a high school of 20-somethings that starts going through puberty. That’s just what happens to local creep and perpetual dork Scott Howard.

Following a weird high school party, Scott learns he’s a werewolf by his dad exposing just how hairy and disgusting he is. The following morning,  Uncle Ben Scott’s dad tells him the increased testosterone yields great power, but “with great power comes great responsibility.”

Act II ends with a bang as Scott comes to terms with the beast inside at the Spring Dance.


The school year is coming to a close. All that’s left is the two-person play, directed by Steve Jobs and starring Playboy Playmate 1982, and the championship basketball game.

Can we truly expect a high school boy to give up his part in the play and casual sexual encounters with the blond because he had some personal growth that requires he don’t transform into the wolf?


How about that motivation speech?

It really cements how he’s the core of the team and each of his teammates looks to him for support. It just goes to show that all you have to do is tell someone “do better” and they will!

If you have any other questions about the last 15 minutes of Teen Wolf, leave them below.



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