big trouble little china beholder demon

Big Trouble in Little China (1986)

“Evil Spirits Make a Big Scene in Little Spiritual State”

Wang Chi is the heir to a local family restaurant in Chinatown, San Francisco. Following a night of gambling and losing, Wang loses a last ditch shadow-bet to win it back from his buddy, Jack Burton of the Pork-Chop Express. Before he’ll pay him the winnings, Wang drags Jack to the airport to pick up his fiancée. As she leaves the plane, she is abducted by one of Chinatown’s gangs, the Lords of Death. While in pursuit of her captors, Jack’s truck is stolen by the Wing Kong gang.

While attempting to save the fiancée, who is later passed off to the Wing Kong, Wang and Jack are captured. They manage to escape, but fail to save the fiancée or recover the truck, and lose an additional female companion in the process.


We start Act III with the mystic Egg Shen guiding Wang, Jack, and several Chang Sing gang members through tunnels under Chinatown to infiltrate Lo Pan’s base. Miao Yin and Gracie Law are being prepared for sacrifice to the god Ching Dai in an elaborate wedding ceremony.

Just before Lightning enters the room, how does Gracie come out of her hypnosis?

Lo Pan used Chinese-based magic. Gracie had a +1 buff against it.

Why does Lo Pan choose to sacrifice Gracie Law and not Miao Yin?

Lo Pan is your typical Qin Dynasty sorcerer and believes in a homogeneous China, therefore he would never maintain a marriage to a westerner.

What’s a six-demon bag?


What was in Egg Shen’s cocktail?

Ecstasy. They all feel hot and optimistic, want to touch each other, and have super powers. Definitely ecstasy.

Why does Gracie make-out with Jack?

Weddings tend to bring out romantic feelings in folks who are not necessarily predisposed to them. In this case, Gracie was about to get married to Lo Pan, but the ceremony was interrupted following Miao Yin’s union to him. Gracie Law, although being “all brains,” was swept up in the moment.

Why doesn’t Jack kiss Gracie good-bye?

Because Jack is the sidekick and the sidekick never gets the girl.

What do you think happened with the wild-eyed, eight-foot tall maniac in the back of the Pork-Chop Express?

I’m sure it grabbed Jack by the neck, tapped the back of his favorite head against a barroom wall, looked him crooked in the eye, and asked him, “Have you paid your dues, Jack?” And I’m positive Jack stared that big sucker right back in the eye and said “Yes, sir. The check is in the mail.”

If you have any other questions about Act III of Big Trouble in Little China, please comment below!



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