antz z-4195 drunk wasp

Antz (1998)

Neurotic worker ant, Z-4195, meets a princess ant at an ant bar and decides the best way to get her attention is to masquerade as a soldier ant during a royal inspection. It turns out this inspection is occurring because the soldier ants are being sent to destroy a nearby termite colony.

Z is the sole survivor of the invasion and is toted as a war hero in front of the queen. During this meeting, Z takes an awkward faux pas and turns it into an opportunity to kidnap the princess and take her to the Insectopia theme-park.


We begin Act III with General Mandible preparing for a Mega Tunnel Completion Celebration, Z and Princess Bala are enjoying themselves at Insectopia, Cutter on his way to Insectopia to recover the princess, and the rest of the ants are nearing completion of the Mega Tunnel.

Why is Chip acting like he’s drunk?

Wasps are known alcoholics and mate for life. When one of the wasp-mates dies, like Muffy under that fly-swatter, the survivor does a death spiral, usually from consuming too much alcohol and sweets.

Why did General Mandible leave the incriminating Mega Tunnel plans in the room with Princess Bala?

I’m not sure this is relevant. Princess Bala and the Queen probably had access to the Mega Tunnel plans long before this story takes place– the Queen would have needed to approve the project. My concern is why the Queen entrusted her head of military with controlling public works.

What is General Mandible’s motivation for murdering the entire colony?

You mean because he is attempting to keep the strong soldier ants alive which will magically improve his genes to create a race of super-ants when he mates with Bala a single time then dies? The more you think about General Mandible the more you wonder how someone with his level of logical reasoning rose to power. Maybe the poorly-veiled promotion of socialism isn’t the moral of this story, maybe it’s to promote properly vetting someone pushing for a position of power regardless of their “abject” loyalty.

What’s the deal with Z and Bala? (and Weaver and Azteca?)

Worker ants in Central Park, New York City have been shown to develop reproductive organs when exposed to large quantities of water. The flooding of the Mega Tunnel chamber allowed for Z and Bala (and Weaver and Azteca) to develop ant romances and mate. Totally normal among asexual insects.

If you have any more questions about Act III of Antz, please ask below!



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