collateral explosive t-rex bomb

Collateral Damage (2002)

You want collateral damage?

Gordy Brewer’s family is killed accidentally by Colombian freedom fighters terrorists. To exact revenge, Gordy sneaks his way down to Colombia to kill their leader, El Lobo.

Gordy fails to kill El Lobo and is captured. He is rescued and whisked back to the ol’ USA by CIA operative Casey Jones Peter Brandt. Gordy demands to have local Colombian Selena Perrini and her son go back with him to replace the wife and son the terrorists killed.


We start Act III with Claudio, Selena’s husband, wandering around what is presumably Washington, DC with a slick new haircut and suit. Gordy, Selena, and her son are invited into the Department of State situation room.

Why do they leave it up to Selena to identify Claudio even though everyone knows what he looks like?

This is an organization that had satellite imagery of all of El Lobo’s compounds but didn’t know Claudio and Selena were married. None of them could trust that they would make the right call.

Sangre o libertad?

It’s movie, so just sangre. Especially child sangre. The sangre of Mauro.

Why would the terrorists spend the time wiring the eyes of the dinosaur to light up when the explosive was primed? How does Gordy know the dinosaur is an improvised explosive?

No detail is too small for this group of militants. They were able to, after all, conceal the identity of their leader from the CIA, which had informants and high-resolution imaging satellites all around their Colombian base.

Gordy has a black & white photographic memory. This rare condition is known to cause some moderate psychic ability in sufferers.

Would a leather belt be able to hold up to the friction of a 250 pound man using it to slide down over 100 feet of steel cable?

No. That’s why he crashes through the roof of the elevator.

So, Mauro just stays in the USA and lives with Gordy?

Yes, why do you ask?

If you have any other questions about Act III of Collateral Damage, please feel free to ask below!



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