Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)

Following a zeppelin, single-engine plane crashes, and car theft, Indiana and Henry Jones finish Act II by downing a second fighter plane with a flock of birds.


We find ourselves with Donovan trading a Nazi car for camels, horses, armed escort, provisions, desert vehicles, and tanks. He and his squad (and Marcus) are on their way to the City of Petra  Canyon of the Crescent Moon in the Republic of Hatay. Indy and Henry engage them en route.

Where does Sallah come from?

You thought he’d be in Egypt with his wife and kids? Nah, he was hanging out in Hatay with Marcus, who was captured by the Nazis, and then just stuck around hoping Indiana would show up.

Why doesn’t Indiana want camels?

It sounds like a callback to a previous film. But it’s not. It could be part of the expanded universe. It isn’t. After exhaustive research: No idea. Lots of folks on the Internet think it’s a funny line, but I can’t figure out why.

Didn’t Donovan go over the cliff with the tank?

Nah. That was the Nazi Colonel Vogel. Don’t worry, all old white men look the same.

How is Donovan planning to keep the Grail to himself?

Hitler is known to… Nah. Donovan’s dumb. I’m not sure why he thinks he could keep it out of Hitler’s hands.

Are Indiana Jones and Henry Jones now immortal?

Yes. Except Henry is dead in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (I almost had an aneurysm thinking about that movie).

Indiana Jones manages to survive an atomic blast while inside a refrigerator. Impossible. Unless he drank from the Holy Grail. Henry drank the water AND washed himself with it. The Old Knight forgot to mention the double whammy clause- you only get to do one; if you do both you die. Sorry Henry.

Why did Elsa take the Grail over the Great Seal? She was in the room with Indy when the old knight told him not to do it. Is she dumb?


Why does Indiana try to save Elsa’s life?

Yes, she betrayed him. Yes, she tried to kill him on several accounts. However, she gave up the V and by the end of this third movie you know Indy: he likes his ladies.

If you have any other questions about Act III of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, please feel free to ask below!



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