Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

Act II of [Indiana Jones and the] Raiders of the Lost Ark is pretty action-packed. Indy and Marion get and lose the Ark of the Covenant to the Nazis, narrowly escape a dark, snake-riddled death in the buried Egyptian tomb, fight off a cadre of Nazi aircraft mechanics, and escape an explosive death. The action ends with Indy stealing the Ark back and reuniting with Marion and Sallah at the Cairo docks.

And so we leave Indiana Jones and maid Marion in bed on a boat bound for England (along with an ominous sequence of the Ark charring the Nazi symbol on its wooden container).


Marion awakes to find Indy cocking a gun with “The engines have stopped, I’m gonna check it out.” It appears the Nazis have found them.

Why does Belloq want Marion?

I dunno. He’s some kind of Indiana Jones wannabe. I’m willing to bet if he was able to recover Jones’ body (based on Katanga’s story of Jones’ death) he’d pull a Buffalo Bill.

How does Indiana make the trip from the middle of the Mediterranean Sea to the secret Greek island base?

The last we see of Indy, he’s looking at the top of the submarine before it (conceivably) submerges. Then we see him all wet and tired hiding behind some crates in the secret island dock. Since we don’t see it submerge, I’m gonna just say it doesn’t– it was only like a 150 mile trip and its 1936 so the Nazis had no reason to hide.

Does Belloq eat that fly?

Wow. You’re paying way more attention than I thought.
Unfortunately, no. Steven Spielberg thought it would be funny to cut a couple frames of the fly flying away so it only looks like he does.

Why doesn’t Indy just blow th–

IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM! Next question.

Why does shutting their eyes save Marion and Indy from the wrath of the Ark?

Probably showing humility towards God or something. It is popular in Jewish scripture that looking upon God results in death. Indiana Jones is a total scholar, so he must’ve known.

If you have any other questions about Act III of Raiders of the Lost Ark, please feel free to ask below!



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